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Get more from the money you’re sending back home

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Make payments like you’re local, using your Tulix Wallet

Whether you’re home or abroad, load your Tulix KES wallet using your card or bank from wherever you are to make payments and allocations.

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You and all your beneficiaries in one app

For the first time ever, add beneficiaries and collaborate on expenses when allocating funds. Allocate them funds in advance for any of their needs.

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Easily pay over 100,000 businesses across Kenya

Make payments to over 100,000 businesses & institutions instantly and directly using M-Pesa - the dominant payment method in Kenya.

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Track your spending & get updates on allocations

Using our different spending categories, easily sort your payments by category to know where you & your beneficiaries spend, helping you plan ahead & budget.

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No more surprises, no hidden fees

Get a clear breakdown of all fees on every transaction and receive detailed confirmations in app and via email for all the transactions you make on the Tulix App.

Our Commitment To You

We have built in necessary features and partnered with global partners to ensure that your information and transactions are secure.

We ensure transparency

When it comes to making payments, we make every step clear with no hidden charges.

We don’t retain your payment information

To protect you, we use trusted global partners to process payments and therefore don’t store any of your card or banking information on the app.

We value your privacy

We’ve put in place controls to ensure that all your personal information is kept safe & secure at all times.

World class technology

We use the latest technology to keep your money safe and to fulfill all your transactions.

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