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Split, spend, save & share money on Tulix from anywhere in the world.

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Why you'll love using Tulix

Because we've built it with you, your people and your money in mind.

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Budgeting has never been easier

Simplify everyday payments using Tulix Jars. Need to split your money for groceries, medical bills, school fees or just an outing or celebration? We’ve got you covered.

Share and pool money with your people

For the first time ever, add friends and family to your shared jars where you can contribute and manage money together for shared payments.

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tulix dashboard-mockup

Take control of your money

Struggling to keep up with all your expenses? Easily sort your payments by category and receive an insightful summary of your transactions so you can spend better.

Build healthier money relationships

Whether it's a one-off or recurring expense, Tulix makes managing financial relationships a breeze…because money doesn’t always have to be awkward.

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All of this in one app… and we’re just getting started

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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

Tulix is a smart, new way for Kenyans anywhere to share money, budget and manage finances better.

The app enables users globally to instantly pay a business in Kenya from anywhere in the world using mobile money.

Users are able to share money on the app with their friends and family for specific needs such as school fees, rent and groceries, etc. without losing visibility over how and where money is used.

Tulix enables you to pay for day-to-day things like airtime, groceries and bigger expenses like school fees and medical bills from anywhere in the world.

Create multiple jars as an easy way to help you budget and make sure there’s always money for the important stuff. Once those are out of the way it’s time to have fun.

Use Tulix to pay for dinner and drinks on a night out and even create a jar to plan for a vacation with your friends.

Think of a jar as a separate place where you set aside money for specific uses, whether for yourself or others. With jars, you can manage your money better and get so much more.

Ready to try jars? Download the app and check them out yourself.

No. You can register on Tulix using any number that you're able to receive SMS messages on.

Tulix facilitates Person-to-Business payments. You can create and share jars with other users to make payments to businesses.

We work with licensed institutions to credit and debit funds on your Tulix account. Together with these regulated 3rd parties, we've built in the necessary safeguards in place to guarantee the safety of your funds at all times

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Enter your KYC details on the app to get verified.

Start transacting

Load your wallet to make payments, share money and manage finances.

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