Budgeting For Joy Using Tulix Jars

Wairimu Ndung'u

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I am a super saver so I must be terrific at budgeting, right? Not exactly.

While I know how to live below my means and scale back if needed, money doesn’t only provide a safety net but it’s also a tool for financial freedom.

“Financial freedom is less about more money and more about time. This includes time to do things that bring real joy and fulfilment. By building healthy money relationships for yourself and other people, you allow yourself to spend less time worrying about money. The peace of mind this brings opens up a world of opportunities.” -Brian Muriu, Co-founder at Tulix

When I started using Tulix Jars I didn’t anticipate how much this would uncover my fears about money.

Adding More Health to my own Money Relationship

I always considered myself very responsible but I needed to address the anxiety and guilt I associated with spending on myself after saving and covering expenses.

Two months into using Tulix, I realised I enjoy specific activities and from the app’s Analytics feature I could see where I was spending the most. So I decided to create a Fun Jar (I named it “Sherehe”) which I’ve since used to budget for these kinds of activities.

I remember actually using it for my go-to Sunday treat, fish and ugali from my local, and imagine my surprise when the world didn’t end and I wasn’t broke.

I’m learning that budgeting helps me:

  • Identify and confirm my values;
  • Get disciplined about only spending on things that make me happy;
  • Prevent buyer’s remorse and gives me peace of mind.

I’m still very keen on living within my means so I always assess the value of a purchase or activity before spending any money on it. I ask myself, “What things currently make me happy, what expenses are tied to them and how cost-effective can I make it?” That way even as I cushion myself against emergencies, I can invest in things, people and experiences that increase my ability to make more money.

Jars’ing up My Whole Life

You need to tell your money where to go and when you have predictable expenses, you can label your Jars well in advance.

I've already planned for my bills, savings and investments till early next year. I've also planned extensively for “December Fun”—things I want to buy, people I want to spend time with and the activities I'd like to do.

This is the power of budgeting using Jars and the freedom that comes with regularly reviewing expenses using analytics. Now I can better determine my goals, set healthy money boundaries with myself and enjoy the process of achieving these goals.

One of my favourite money affirmations is, “I will continue to attain financial freedom from the amazing money habits I'm building“. If you’d like to start cultivating a healthier money relationship with yourself, give the Jars a try.

Learn more about Tulix Jars here.

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