First Came Envelopes, Now Come Jars

Brian Muriu

Photo by Jason Deines from Pexels

Before digital payments were a thing, my wife and I used a very cool method to manage our money as a family, we called it the ‘envelopes system’.

This is how it worked — she’d take a bunch of envelopes and label them in order to determine how much money we needed to spend on different things in a given month. Then we’d sort the money based on these needs and “withdraw” cash from the relevant envelopes throughout the month.

This system worked like a charm because it made it extremely easy to know how much we spent in different categories, identify shortfalls, curb overspending and most of all, develop a savings culture.

It was so convenient that we even had an entertainment envelope for the occasional outing. The peace of mind this created for us eventually set the stage to work on Tulix and the Jars.

Envelopes Go Digital

Fast forward to today, the money envelopes are now digital money jars that we each have on Tulix. She has her jars, I have my jars, and together we maintain shared jars to manage money together.

Not only does this make life easier, but it also helps us to plan for important stuff like school fees for our kids and larger financial obligations using set jars that we each contribute to.

Looking back, I recall a time when I simply had all my finances on autopilot. Basically, I’d spend money from my bank and not really know how much money went towards specific things. But with the additional responsibilities of a family, this was very difficult to keep up.

Now all I do is move money to Tulix and use the Jars to plan for short and long-term spending needs. The simplicity, convenience and benefits of doing so are helping us reduce financial stressors and improve our financial stability.

Money Relationships Begin At Home

When it comes to managing money as a family, the Tulix Jars are a real lifesaver. Getting started is very easy, especially since as a digital app, you only need to add money once and then the magic happens.

Everything from organizing your money, sharing money and spending it with your family and friends is now all possible on one app.

At Tulix, we often say we’re building this app first for ourselves and then for our immediate community. We envision a future where talking about money is less awkward so people can achieve both individual and shared financial goals.

Think of Tulix as an all-in-one platform for all your money relationships.

Tulix Jar Invite

If you’d like to put away the envelopes and spreadsheets, give the Jars a try and embrace the easier solution to managing your money on the go.

Learn more about Tulix Jars here.

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