Five Jars You Need To Have On Tulix

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It’s that time again when you need to organise your expenses so that you’re not limping your way to the end of the month. Managing money can seem complicated and even restrictive but it doesn’t have to be either — at least not on Tulix.

Tulix Jars are an easy way to split your money for recurring expenses like utilities and short-term goals like road trips with friends. A bit like mason jars in the kitchen, they provide a clearer way to manage your money so you get more bang for your buck.

One of our goals is to make money conversations less awkward and that starts with the one you have with yourself: How can organizing your money help you create your dream life? How much are your fixed & recurrent expenses? What do you think you spend the most on and what can you cut back on? What is your motivation for saving and investing?

Ideal outcomes come from ideal actions — we believe that beyond planning out your expenses, splitting up the money so you spend from the right place can go a long way. That’s where Jars come in.

Jars In Action

As you reflect on your views around money here are five Jars you can create to manage your monthly expense:

  • Utilities — water, gas, rent, Wi-Fi
  • Shopping — groceries, toiletries
  • Health — medication, therapy, doctor visits
  • Emergency Fund — speaks for itself
  • Treats — events, clothes, dates

Jars are also useful for short-term goals. Think of a night out with friends when the bill racks up and you’re not sure who’s paying for what but you don’t want to mess up your budget. Take charge with Tulix — invite everyone to a Jar and directly pay the bill once everyone has chipped in.

It could even be an impromptu road trip. Once you decide on the location, estimate the cost of fuel, snacks, drinks and any other related expenses, create a Jar that you & anyone you’re with can easily spend from throughout the day.

Then there are collective short-term goals like a celebration or event that take a few months to prepare for. In this case, identify the total budget, determine how much you want each person to contribute then invite them to a shared jar.

Making the Jars Work for You

The whole idea of “Jars’ing” it up is to keep your expenses somewhat predictable so that you’re always staying within your budget and your friendships are saved in the process.

Naturally, your expenses and financial goals will change along the way so keep renaming your Jars to suit them. Over time, using the Jars becomes an easy way of tracking your financial journey; habits, goals, expenses, lessons and the things that truly make you happy.

Tulix Jars come in all names, colours and emojis—what will you use yours for? Learn more about all the different ways you can use Jars here.

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