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Whether you need to pay for urgent expenses or simply want to send a gift, Tulix makes it easy, secure and affordable to stay connected with your family in Kenya.*

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Max Airtime you can send is KES 10,000

Max Mobile Money you can send is KES 100,000

Why you'll love Tulix

Because we've built it with you, your people and your money in mind.

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Pay for the things that matter most to your people

As a Kenyan abroad, we know that taking care of your loved ones is a top priority and we understand the challenge of providing essentials like groceries from far away. That's why we've made it fast, convenient and easy for you to share money with your friends and family for everyday needs such as airtime and groceries.

Keep the conversations going

Buying airtime has never been easier! Just key in the phone number you want to top up, enter the amount you want to purchase and make the payment. Your loved ones will get the airtime instantly, so they can stay connected with you no matter where they are in Kenya.

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Support and empower your people

You know how it goes, you send money for shopping and a well-meaning loved one helps someone else out with an emergency and now you have to send money again. Wouldn’t it be a lot better if they just used it for what it was for? Simply browse our list of merchants, select the one(s) you want your beneficiaries to shop from and complete the payment. This way you enable your loved ones to spend wisely and cultivate positive money habits.

Whatever they need, you’ve got them covered

Access thousands of businesses in Kenya that offer various products and services for everyday needs. Select familiar brands or a combination of several during the payment process so that your beneficiaries can easily shop from a variety of merchant outlets. If you’d just like to leave it up to them where to spend, simply leave it open and they’ll do the rest after receiving the funds.

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Your convenience, our priority

No more back and forth with detailed instructions on where the money you send should be spent. Once you’ve completed the payment process, your recipients will instantly receive a text message confirming receipt of your funds.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

We’ve built the Tulix Web App for our customers to easily access Tulix using a browser to make instant payments & fund everyday needs for their beneficiaries. This makes it convenient and easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

Users are able to share money on the app with their friends and family for specific needs such as school fees, rent and groceries, etc. without losing visibility over how and where money is used.

Transactions made on Tulix are instant so your loved ones will have access to the funds as soon as you complete your payment.

You will receive a confirmation email from Tulix once your payment has been processed successfully and your recipient will receive a text message with next steps.

Currently, Tulix only supports payments to businesses in Kenya. However, we are working on expanding our services to other African countries. Email us and tell us where we should go next.

Yes. We work with trusted third-party payment providers and banks to ensure that your transactions are processed securely. We also regularly update our security measures to ensure your data is safe and secure.

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Do even more with Tulix on mobile

Our mobile app is packed with features that allow you to split, spend, save and share your money. Keep your money organized separately by using the Jars for different things like groceries, health, and rent. You can also share money with friends and family for joint expenses like trips.

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