A Tulix Jar is a separate place where you set aside money for specific uses, whether it's for yourself or with others. With jars, you can manage your money better and get so much more out of your finances

Ready to try jars? Download the app and check them out for yourself.

You can only use the funds on your Tulix wallet to make payments to businesses. If you'd like to share money with an individual, you can do so by creating shared jars with other users who can use the funds to make payments as well.

Using jars. Create up to five jars and label them for different expenses like electricity, groceries and school fees then top up the jars with money from your main wallet. Anytime you want to set aside money for these specific things you can keep adding to your jar so you're always keeping money for expenses where they belong.

  1. Open the Tulix app.
  2. In the task bar at the bottom click on 'Jars'.
  3. Select 'Create a jar' and follow the prompts to complete the process.
  4. Name your jar then top up using money from your main wallet.

Only you are able to see all the jars you create and the people you add to your jars.

You can create up to five jars on your Tulix account.

Jar members are able to make payments using money from the jar and can also contribute funds to the jar using funds from their own Tulix walletsest new markets that you're interested in making payments

Yes. You will receive an in-app confirmation as well as e-mail notifications to the registered email address on the app.

We only charge transaction fees to make payments when using the Tulix App. All fees are clearly broken down and indicated on the app as you navigate each step.

The Tulix Wallet is your own unique and personal wallet that every Tulix user has on the app. Using the wallet, a user is able to load funds and make payments to businesses in Kenya using mobile money.

Yes. You can use Lipa na M-Pesa to pay a business Paybill or Till Number using the Tulix App from abroad.

Yes, you can make a payment at any time of the day.

If you’d like a merchant or a beneficiary to receive the payment confirmation, you can share the transaction details via Email, SMS, WhatsApp using the 'Share Transaction Details' button. You'll find this button when you scroll down the specific payment's screen.

Currently, you can make payments of between KES 10 and KES 100,000 per transaction / per day.

You will receive an in-app confirmation as well as e-mail notifications to the registered email address on the app.

You can currently purchase airtime for yourself or another person on Safaricom, Airtel & Telkom networks in Kenya. On the app, go to Pay -> Airtime & Utilities and follow the prompts.

Once you've made a successful payment, the transaction will appear on the 'Transaction List'. You can select indivudal transactions to get additional information such as the M-pesa reference which confirms that the transaction was successful and the business has received your payment.

Are merchants charged to receive payments through Tulix?

No. The app is currently only available in English. Support for more languages shall be rolled out in future.

Yes. Tulix requires a data connection in order to function.

Yes. Use the recurrent payments feature under 'Pay'

Categories refer to the various payment classifications we have on Tulix like education, utilities, car and fuel and so many more. Categorise each payment to get a clear summary of where you spend your money for better budgeting.