'Not Superheroes, Just Ordinary People' - President Uhuru Praises Kenya’s Diaspora on Labour Day

Tulix Team

'Not Superheroes, Just Ordinary People' - President Uhuru Praises Kenya’s Diaspora on Labour Day

“When I took oath of office in 2013, Kenyans in the diaspora used to remit approximately Sh117 billion into our economy every year. Today, our Kenyan workforce working outside the borders remits approximately KES 375 billion each year. This is an increase of KES 258 billion as annual remittances” -President Uhuru Kenyatta

That’s right, you are doing better than ever, dear Kenyan in the diaspora..

When the world expected a drastic drop in money sent home during the pandemic, you superseded everyone’s expectations by sending on average KES 6.75 billion weekly in 2020 and increased this to KES 8.11 billion every week in 2021.

In our darkest times, you kept the lights on. You kept Kenya going like you always do—remittances continue to be the biggest source of foreign exchange in Kenya.

That hospital bill you contributed to, the money you sent towards a relative’s school fees, that extra contribution towards a wedding or funeral you couldn’t attend, and all the other ways you continued to help your people back home…it has gone a long way.

But we also know sending money home for different things can be easier, right?

As much as technology has advanced, the existing process still has its challenges. It still isn’t as frictionless as a 21st century product should be. And that’s why we’re building the Tulix App.

We recently surveyed over 1,000 Kenyans around the world and three things stood out:

  • They want to send money directly to businesses.
  • They want to know the money they send home is being used as intended.
  • They prefer products with an easy user experience.

If this sounds like you then the Tulix App is the person to business payment app you’ve been looking for. How so?

The app allows you to easily pay businesses across Kenya instantly and directly using M-Pesa without requiring a SIM card. All you need is a valid email address and a phone number that can receive SMS notifications in order to sign up.

For the first time ever, you can add beneficiaries to your account and share your money with them for specific bills. This way you can easily keep track of who needs money for what at any given time, even if you’re halfway across the globe.

Lastly, your money on Tulix is denominated in Kenyan Shillings (KES) and this takes away the uncertainty of determining how much to send in foreign currency to settle a payment that you wish to make in home currency. You may be far from home, but the Tulix App treats you like you never left.

You may be ordinary Kenyans, all 4 million of you who live and work away from home, but we’re here to ensure the extraordinary amounts you’re sending home are able to secure your loved ones and fund your dreams - dreams of a better future for yourself and our beloved country.

“This colossal amount has not been created by superheroes but ordinary Kenyans driven by their belief in their capabilities and what is right about their country.” -President Uhuru Kenyatta

Let us walk this journey together.

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