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For many, sending money home is not just a financial transaction but a way to support their communities. Remittances, within or across borders, are crucial in supporting Africa's economic development.

We're doing our part

At Tulix, we believe the sender-receiver relationship is special because you have the chance to accomplish joint financial goals with your people from a distance. But it remains an opportunity with barriers like slower processes and time-consuming paperwork on traditional channels.

Here are the SDGs we contribute to:

SDG 01 - No Poverty

Many people don’t clearly understand their relationship with money so poor money habits keep people from meeting financial goals and improving their living conditions.

We believe that financial inclusion begins with financial literacy. We developed the “Money Journey” framework to help customers improve their money relationships and make smarter financial decisions.

SDG 08 - Decent Work & Economic Growth

More than 80 countries rely on remittances for more than 3% of their GDP.

Through our innovative products, the Kenyan diaspora can directly fund local businesses, create employment opportunities and provide more people with disposable income to spend on goods and services thus feeding back into the businesses.

SDG 10 - Reduced Ineualities

People living in emerging markets receive the largest amount of remittances yet the cost of sending money back home is high. Online & mobile digitalisation increased during the pandemic, proving to be less costly than cash transfers and reinforcing mobile money adoption.

We enable customers living abroad to pay directly into businesses helping them cut costs on sending money to individual recipients first.

SDG 17 - Partnerships For The Goals

About 75% of remittances cover medical and housing expenses and over US$150 billion (25%) annually can be invested in asset building or other activities that generate income.

We work with local businesses, service providers and diaspora communities to ensure both senders and receivers maximise their earning potential.

We're on a mission

We're building Tulix to empower Africans everywhere by enabling them to build healthier money relationships using tools that make it convenient to allocate, spend and manage money effectively.

Towards a sustainable future

Financial inclusion a key enabler to reduce extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity.

Beyond SDG alignment, there are other ways through which we leave a lasting impact in the communities we serve.

Building financial infrastructure

Providing financial accessibility

Advancing financial literacy

Innovating financial products

“We need to deconstruct the company around a tribe of people that support an idea, with a brand of a product or a service that improves the lives of people using it.”

-Emmanuel Faber, Former CEO of Danone

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