Money relationships can be tough, we get it. So on our blog we teach you how to make the most of your money as an individual and with others on Tulix.

To Lend or Not to Lend: Navigating Money Requests from Friends

A general guide on how to confidently say no and how to safely say yes in different situations....

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Five Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Money

Money is personal and whether you know it or not, you do have a relationship with your money....

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Budgeting And 'Winging It' Can Work Together, Here's How

‘Flexible budgeting’ provides a realistic approach to managing your finances but what does that look like?...

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Five Jars You Need To Have On Tulix

Managing money can seem complicated and even restrictive but it doesn’t have to be either — at least not on Tulix....

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Budgeting For Joy Using Tulix Jars

I am a super saver so I must be terrific at budgeting, right? Not exactly....

Wairimu Ndung'u


First Came Envelopes, Now Come Jars

When it comes to managing money as a family, the Tulix Jars are a real lifesaver....

Brian Muriu


I Paid Last Time, It's Your Turn

In relationships, it can be really tempting to “rock-paper-scissors” your way through decisions on who pays for what every month....

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Budgeting Amidst Inflation: How Can We Stay Afloat?

Should you spend all your money on fun and social activities every weekend instead of saving & investing it? With Tulix Jars, we believe you...

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International Day of Family Remittances 2022: Advancing Digital and Financial Inclusion

The International Day of Family Remittances (IDFR), celebrated every year on June 16th, honours the contribution of over 200 million migrant...

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The Ukraine-Russia Conflict and the Rising Cost of Living in Kenya

It started with very steep fuel prices that included early morning drives to the petrol station followed by hour-long queues. Although fuel ...

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Africa Day 2022: Tulix Is Reimagining Remittances for a Connected Africa

Africa Day honours the founding of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) in 1963 which later became what we know today as the African Unio...

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'Not Superheroes, Just Ordinary People' - President Uhuru Praises Kenya’s Diaspora on Labour Day

When the world expected a drastic drop in money sent home during the pandemic, you superseded everyone’s expectations by sending on average ...

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Money, Errands and Secret Codes

It would typically start with me receiving a late-night phone call from my relatives living & working in the US. They’d call to inform me of...

Brian Muiru


10+ Lessons We’ve Learned Building Our Startup

It’s still early days in our journey as founders of Tulix App but we’ve been fortunate enough to have learned a couple of things thus far. I...

Alistair Gould


5 Simple Steps to Get Started with Investing

This is mainly informed by the needs of Africans living abroad as well as their beneficiaries back home.Our diaspora survey also revealed th...

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What Is Limiting Diaspora Investments To Africa

The primary objective of investing is to maximize return against one’s risk threshold. ...

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Why We Must Keep Innovating

The entry of startups in fintech will make for interesting viewing over the next few decades....

Alistair Gould


Can A Better Remittance Experience Unlock More Funds To Africa

Despite the great progress that has been made in remittances, there still exist challenges and/ or opportunities....

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