It’s easy to move money, but money relationships are complex

Tulix is a new, smart way for Kenyans anywhere to share money, budget and manage finances together with the people that matter to them without losing visibility over how and where money is used.

Our vision

To empower 1 billion Africans to achieve financial resilience through technology & data.

Built in Kenya for the World

74% of Africans worldwide are willing to share more money with their friends and family if they could have more convenient ways to make payments and manage finances with the people that matter to them.

Tulix was built to empower Africans everywhere by enabling them to share money and collaborate on payments for specific needs. Our app allows users to build healthier money relationships with their people.

People share money every day for different reasons: from supporting their families at home to purchasing food and household goods to medical and education expenses. Our innovative solution allows them to manage all these different spending needs together. With Tulix, they can share money and make payments to local businesses instantly from anywhere in the world using mobile money.

While several operators offer fast and affordable payments, none provide transparency or the ability to collaborate with beneficiaries on the usage of the money. Tulix provides this value by allowing users to see, co-determine with their people, or determine directly how funds will be spent, thereby increasing accountability and transparency to unlock the full potential of local and international remittances.

Tulix offers value to both senders and receivers on a single platform. We allow users to create “jars” for collaborative budgeting, increased visibility, and better management of funds. These jars can also be used for goal-based savings, which help to improve the financial health of households that use our solution.

Our Team

Our team is led by passionate, experienced founders supported by talented professionals creating exceptional products and delivering exceptional value. Together, we are aligned toward creating innovative and inclusive solutions that will fundamentally improve our continent and the world.

We are ambitious. We encourage innovation. We believe in continuous learning and iteration. We want to build a company that will outlast us. If this sounds like you, come and build with us.

We are backed by institutional and angel investors from around the globe who believe in our vision.
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